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Sivut on laatinut  Juhani Niinistö, Helsinki.  Yksityinen mediah-alan ammatillinen ja historiallinen sivusto.
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Juhani  Niinistö has a long career  in foreign language  news coverage of Finland, and  Finnish related  developments,  for  international audiences. Since 2014 he has been writing news about Finland for Xinhua, Chinese international news agency, as a freelance contract news writer.

Juhani  Niinistö was in charge of the news and programming of Radio Finland, the Finnish international broadcasting service  in 1978-2002/2005. See further down.

After Yle,  he worked as editor in chief of  the Toronto based  bilingual (Finnish and English) weekly Vapaa  Sana 2006-2011.

Juhani Niinistö's  private websites

Radio Finland 1945-2005,  in Finnish, a reduced version in English

The history of Yle Radio Finland and the domestic foreign language Capital FM (Mondo). The site has no formal connection with Yle.

News production at Radio Finland was administratively independent of the domestic Yle radio and tv newsrooms. Thus, while making full use of the domestic output. it  was possible to break away from the domestic news agenda, when, for example, it was was dominated  with the  labour market situation.   Juhani wrote several editions of  the Foreign language news quality guidelines.  At the height of its  services, Radio Finland  produced news in English, German, French and Russian, with the desk English desk in a central scripts role. Yle closed down Radio Finland gradually, starting with parts of the foreign language output from 2002.  Juhani left Yle at the end of  2005.

Paluu kovista arvoista

The site offers a pick up of  Canadian developments that do not match with the image of  Canada "as on almost European country, albeit in North America".  Focus is on labour and societal safety net items, and largely restricted on Ontario.  Read also about the way Canada welcomed Finnish political refugees after the Finnish civil war of  1918.  And after WW2  many Finns who were uneasy with the geopolitical necessaties of Finnish policies  chose  Canada.  The two ideologically opposed groupings chose to maintain parallel Finnish scenes  in Canada.  In Finnish. Some English to be added later in 2018, marking the centenery of the Fininsh civil war.

Pitkän linjan Säykki

Juhani  Niinistö's  items in Finnish about  Saynätsalo, a  unique  island community, with industrial background, now part of  Jyväskylä.